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Whether you are new to diamond painting or a diamond painting master, chances are you have become addicted to this incredible hobby. Do you need replacement drills for your diamond painting? Most diamond paintings have a color code listing a standardized DMC number. We carry all 447  DMC colors in both round and square varieties. When you are ready to add extra sparkle and shine to your diamond painting, we carry an extensive assortment of AB drills, metallic, crystal and even glow in the dark options. Adding special touches to any diamond painting is a great way to make it your own.

Take your time and browse through our huge selection of Specialty Drills to enhance your diamond painting. Click the category picture below to begin exploring the many options or choose a link in the footer for more specific options. If you don’t see something you are looking for, please use the contact form and we will get back to you quickly.

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What are Specialty Drills? (AB, Crystal, Metallic)

Specialty Drills can be used in any diamond painting to enhance the image with extra sparkle. AB drills will add an iridescent shimmer where as a crystal drill will add more of a refractive shine like a rhinestone. There are also metallic drills with a chrome like finish in various colors and drills that glow in the dark. Specialty drills allow you to truly elevate your diamond painting to the next level in a way that speaks to you.

How do I know what to choose?

There is no right or wrong! In the picture to the left you could enhance the flowers. Add AB highlights in her skirt or change out the blouse. You might want to keep it simple and add a small outline on her hat. Or why not do a random sampling in the field. The options are endless.

Which color should I use?

We make it pretty simple. All of our AB and crystal drills have corresponding DMC numbers like what you find listed on your diamond painting. Sometimes there may not be an exact match and that is ok too. Simply find a color that is close, there are a number of substitution websites available. This is especially important with crystal, flame or glow in the dark drills as the color options are limited. Just remember, this is your diamond painting and you are allowed to push the boundaries.

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Quick FAQ's

We fill our bags with a minimum of 2000 drills. 

We think you should get what you ay for. Diamond painting drill counts can very by as much as 40% when packaged by weight.  That means one 10g package could contain 2000 drills while another only had 1300! When purchasing specialty drills make sure you know what you are getting.

Replacement, or standard, drills are like the ones that came with your diamond painting. They do not contain any special coatings or treatments.  Sometimes, you can run out of those beads when the quality is sub-par, there’s an accidental spill or the company just forgot to include them. 

AB (Aurora Borealis) drills have a special iridescent coating on them. This coating creates extra sparkle and shine often with colors similar to those in a bubble. For more on AB drills, check out our AB Info page.

Crystal drills most closely mimic rhinestones. The top portion of the bead is transparent (see through) while the bottom often has a foil backing for reflecting the light.  Crystal drills can come with an AB coating, color shifting properties (See our FLAME drills) or in metallic options that are opaque with a highly reflective chrome-like surface.

YES! We are an official supplier for HAED. Please fill out the quick contact form and we will get back to you with a quote. We will also let you know which colors in your design are available in an AB or Crystal drills.

If you have a large custom order that needs in excess of 200 bags replacement drills, for example a cross stitch conversion, please contact us. 

Orders leave our warehouse either on the same or next business day depending on what time they are received.

We are located in Connecticut, USA

We ship to the US, Canada and the UK on our website. 

If you are located elsewhere, we are happy to provide you with a shipping quote. USPS international postage starts at $15. Or you can try our ETSY shop

There are several ways to obtain a discount.

If you are participating in an event we sponsor, the event will have an associated discount code for it. These discounts are exclusive to event participants.

If you heard of us through an affiliate, the can provide you with their own affiliate code.

Finally, if we are having a sale there may be a discount code provided in the monthly newsletter or listed here on our homepage.

We LOVE supporting the diamond painting community! If you have an upcoming event, please contact us.

We would love to have new affiliates that represent the best of the diamond painting community. Our program is currently open to those with a social media following (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok). For more information, check out our affiliate page.

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I received my drills very fast and in excellent condition. They were packed so beautifully and I loved the entire experience. I will be buying again as soon as my next diamond painting arrives. Thank you for the amazing customer service and excellent product!


Heather M.

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I absolutely love these drills from DiamondPaintingDrills! I personalize all my canvases and these drills makes them even more beautiful and special. I have them in both square and round in the jars. I’ve purchased the fall, yellow and pink colors, along with the glow in the dark drills in multiple colors. I can’t imagine working on a canvas without these drills!! Thank you so much Alissa!! I love your shop!!💖


Anna D.

Danbury, CT

This is exactly what I have been looking for and couldn’t find it anywhere. You are a lifesaver. It is exactly as described combined with fast shipping — thank you


Pamela B.

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Ships from the USA

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