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Heaven And Earth Designs
Custom Drill Quote

Thank you for choosing us to provide you with a quote for your Heaven and Earth Design (HAED) Diamond Painting Canvas. If you are unfamiliar with this company, please check them out. They have some amazing artwork and renderings.  www.heavenandearthdesigns.com

Once we go over your request, we can approach it two ways. The first is you know exactly how many bags of drills in each color you want. This is perfect if you already have a stash of leftover drills and maybe don’t need to order everything the canvas calls for. The second is I can provide you with an estimate of how many bags of each color you will need. You are always welcome to make adjustments before finalizing your order.

To pull all of the elements of an order together will take approximately two weeks from the time the order is processed to the time it ships. This can vary slightly based on how busy we are.

If you are ordering more than one canvas at a time, we will provide an additional 15% discount on the drills. All orders must be placed at the same time to qualify for the reduced pricing. 

Enough talk… here is the form for you to fill out