12 Days of Christmas – Mystery Box PREORDER


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12 Days of Christmas Mystery Set – Diamond Painting Drills Edition

Limited Availability in Round or Square

12 Days of Christmas Mystery Set includes 12 individually wrapped gifts. Open one present a day or all at once it is up to you! Each is numbered giving you something to look forward to.

What is included?

Well we can’t tell you – that would ruin the surprise! However we can say it is an incredible value – $145 worth of merchandise for $99. We can also add that each present is different. 

When will it arrive?

We are currently taking preorders as we have a very limited number of sets currently available. Please don’t wait to order. The 12 Days of Christmas set will ship in a single box containing all 12 gifts beginning the last week of November.

Please choose if you have a preference for Round or Square.

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