Bars for 1×4 coverage
Bars will add texture to your diamond painting. By covering a 1×4 space they will add flashes of color anywhere a strip of color appears.

Part of our new Bars, Blocks and Bricks series of specialty shaped drills for diamond painting. Bars will work in both round and square diamond paintings. Bars will cover a line 1x 4 spaces long in a square diamond Painting and 3.5 spaces in a round (this can be stretched to four by centering the bar in the spacing). Blocks cover a 2 x 2 square. Bricks cover a 3×2 rectangle. Adding special shaped drills like bars, blocks and bricks adds texture and depth to any diamond painting.

Bars are made from cut glass crystal and offer superior shine and sparkle.

Weight .025 lbs

1. Crystal, 2. Bubbles, 3. Golden Hour AB, 4. White AB, 5. Shadows, 6. Hematite, 7. Gold, 8. Pink Champagne, 9. Pink, 10. Pink AB, 11. Rainbow, 12. Red, 13. Rose, 14. Fuchsia, 15. Amethyst, 16. Fairy Bark, 17. Aquamarine, 18. Lt Sapphire, 19. Sapphire, 20. Champagne, 21. Morning Light, 22. Daffodil, 23. Ametrine, 24. Peridot, 25. Emerald, 26. Neon Pink, 27. Neon Orange, 28. Neon Yellow, 29. Neon Green, 30. Neon Blue, Full Set (50 of each color)