Glow in the Dark Round Crystal Drills – Quick Order Page


GLOW in the DARK Round Crystal Drills Quick Order Page.
Packaged in bags containing a minimum of 2000 drills

Glow in the Dark Round Crystal drills are packaged in bags containing a minimum of 2000 of stones

Round Crystal drills are made of resin and have the same faceting structure as a rhinestone. These drills are the same size as the drills provided with most diamond painting kits.

How Do you make them GLOW

These drills will require a bright light source to “Charge”. The brighter the light source, the better the charge. There is a coating on each drill that absorbs the energy from the light source and is them emitted back when the lights are turned down. In the pictures you can see the coating on the drills. This will slightly dim the sparkle but they still shine!!! This Glow in the Dark effect can best be seen with lighter colors. Dark colors such as red and green/black, although they do glow, it is much less brightly than a clear (5200).

DMC Colors for Glow in the Dark Crystal Drills

Glow in the Dark Round Crystal Drills are sold by DMC number . What I find most interesting about the crystal drills is that you can use them to replace more than one color. A shade lighter and a shade darker almost always work for the same drill because of the way it reflects light. You may also be able to change hue – tones that are a little more blue a little more yellow due to the prismatic effect. Worry less about an exact DMC match with these drills and think more along the lines of I am looking for a dark red or light pink.

What is the difference between a “Drill” and a “Crystal”

In order to reflect the light, each shape has multiple planes or facets facing in different directions. As the light hits these facets, they appear to sparkle as the light bounce back at you. The round and square drills are the same as what you find in your diamond painting kits. Square drills will have a combination of 9 or 13 facets to reflect the light and round drills contain 13-23 facets in a quilted checkerboard formation. Crystal drills are faceted like a rhinestone or diamond.  There is an arrangement of 14 facets with a flat top. This tends to make crystal drills more reflective. Crystal drills can be made of a solid material or be transparent with a silver foil backing creating a beautiful depth to the drill and additional reflectivity and sparkle.

Weight N/A

Full Set (15), 734 Lt Olive Green, 307 Lemon, 444 Dark Lemon, 907 Lt Parrot Green, 906 Med Parrot Green, 702 Kelly Green, 5200 White/Colorless, 415 Pearl Gray, 964 Lt Seagreen, 996 Med Electric Blue, 554 Lt Violet, 722 Lt Orange Spice, 946 Med Burnt Orange, 666 Bright Red, 934 Black Green