Green ‘B’ Glitz Drills


Contains a minimum of 2000 drills

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Green ‘B’ Glitz Drills – for replacing 5D Diamond Painting Drills or Beads.

Green ‘B’ Glitz Drills – SQUARE

Add true sparkle with “GLITZ” Drills. Gold holographic glitter has been embedded into the tops of each drill to create a rainbow of sparkle in each and every drill. As an added bonus, many of the glitz drills are UV reactive. This is great for some of the more psychedelic elements in your diamond painting if you wish to illuminate it with a black light. Please note glitz drills do not glow in the dark, they are only reactive under UV/black light.

Have you fallen in love with the shine and glitter found in diamond paintings? Are you ready to take your diamond painting to the next level with superior sparkle?

Most diamond paintings ship with the beads, also known as drills, to complete your diamond painting. However, some of us want a little more glitz and a chance to make it our own. We, as diamond painting enthusiasts (aka addicts – you know who you are), see the possibilities that the prismatic effect that aurora borealis drills can offer to a diamond painting.  

What are Glitz Drills?

Glitz drills have been embedded with high quality holographic glitter. The holographic nature of the glitter equates to displaying a rainbow of color from the tiny flakes of glitter, not just a single tone of gold.

How do I choose?

You know you want them! This leads to the question of which color to choose. First, determine what color in your diamond painting you want to replace with glitz drills. Then, see which color glitz drills most closely matches your standard drill. 

This listing is for Green ‘B’ Glitz Drills

What if I can’t find the right color?

There is a very limited range of colors currently available so you may not get a perfect match. That’s ok – customizing your diamond painting means allowing your creativity to express itself and in many cases, especially when using a specialty drill enhancement, a change of color or tone is acceptable.

Why add Glitz Drills to your Diamond Painting?

Glitz drills will add an additional element of sparkle and shine you can’t achieve with standard colored drills. Adding glitz drills also provides an excellent opportunity to add additional shading and/or change out colors within the diamond painting for those you find more to your liking. This can be easy in small sections – replace peach with pink or muddy colors with more vibrant tones. Changing lighter colors will result in beautiful highlights. Changing darker colors will bring forth hidden depths. Add to areas you want to shine under a black light. Remember this is your piece of creative artwork. Make it your own!

How many drills do you need?

If an inventory sheet was not provided with your diamond painting telling you the exact number of drills used, don’t worry! Small standard bag contain about 200 drills. Large standard bags contain about 500 drills.

Each of our packages contain a minimum of 2000 drills. We package drills according to count, NOT weight because drill weights vary by as much as 40% from one color to another. Don’t get misled purchasing by weight, nothing is worse than thinking you bought enough and running short.

Colors may vary from photo and by dye lot. Please review our FAQ page for more information.

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