Handturned DP Pen


Ergonomic hand turned resin pen exhibiting a beautiful play of color and shimmer. Includes 5 interchangeable tips.

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This line of diamond painting pens are made from hand turned resin. The ergonomic design is a game changer for anyone who has experienced hand cramping when diamond painting with the provided pink and white pens.

Six new color combo options:
A. Gold and Green Glitter
B. Margarita – Pearlized Green, Yellow and White
C. Lavender Fields – Pearlized White, Green and Purple
D. Galaxy – Pearlized Purple, Blue and Black
E. Sherbet – Pearlized Raspberry, Orange and Lime
F. Lava – Pearlized Red and Black with hints of Blue and Green

Pen comes with a set of interchangeable tips

Weight 0.5 lbs

A. Gold/Green Glitter, B. Margarita, C. Lavender Fields, D. Galaxy, E. Sherbet, F. Lava