Handturned DP Pen


Ergonomic hand turned resin pen exhibiting a beautiful play of color and shimmer. Includes 4 interchangeable tips.

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This line of diamond painting pens are made from hand turned resin. The play of colors can be see throughout the pens translucent body. Beautiful shimmers and shading. The ergonomic design is a game changer for anyone who has experienced hand cramping when diamond painting with the provided pink and white pens.

Three color combo options: Valentine (Pink/Red/Purple), Beaches (Blue/Teal/Green), Autumn Sold Out

Pen comes with four interchangeable tips:

  • Single Placer
  • 2 Placer
  • 6 Placer
  • 9 Placer
Weight 0.5 lbs

Valentine, Oceans, Autumn