January Drills Sampler Pack


January AB Drills Sampler Pack

Available during January in full size bags


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January Drills Sampler Pack

It is winter – time for SNOW! The January Sampler pack is all about the colors of snow. Some people love it some people hate it but there are a bazillion songs that sing about. Personally, I am in the LOVE IT! Group. This month we bring you colors of snow – from the whitest white to the cream of golden hour. Let’s not forget icicles and old Jack Frost – we added four crystal colors in too!

Diamond Painting Drills

The January Drills Sampler Pack is guaranteed in stock for the month they premier but after that, when they sell out they are gone.

Jars – Each color provides a minimum of 600 drills! Each sample set contains twelve jars with screw top lids and square bases for extra stability in a clear case. Colors are the same from the round to square drill sets.

Bags – A minimum of 2000 drills per color in our resealable holographic bags.

Sampler Pack Colors:
AB’s: 5200, 865, Ecru, 739, 3756, 775, 827, 3841
Crystal: 5200, 3846, 793, 995

Weight .3 lbs
Jars or Bags

Jars, Bags

Drill Shape

Round, Square