Metallic Drills – Set of 5 METALS Series


Round and Square Metallic Drills Quick Order Page. For more info please see individual pages.
Packaged in bags containing a minimum of 2000 drills

Metallic drills are packaged in bags containing a minimum of 2000 of stones

Metallic round and square drills are the same shape and size as what you find in your diamond painting kits. Square drills will have a combination of 9 or 13 facets to reflect the light and round drills contain 13-23 facets in a quilted checkerboard formation. Some of the metallic round drills are faceted like a rhinestone or diamond.  There is an arrangement of 14 facets with a flat top. This tends to make these metallic drills even more reflective.



Gold – Square, Gold – Round, Silver – Square, Silver – Round, Rose Gold – Square, Rose Gold – Round, Copper Oxide – Square, Copper Oxide – Round, Hematite – Square, Hematite – Round, Set of 5 Metallic Square, Set of 5 Metallic Round