September Crystal Drills Sampler Pack


Rainbow September Crystal Sampler Pack

Available this month also in full size bags


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September Crystal Drills Sampler pack is here!

This month sees the addition of new colors in round an square crystal drills. What better way to introduce the colors than a full on rainbow. If you haven’t purchased Crystal drills before, this is a good place to start offering a wide range of colors. What I find most interesting about the crystal drills is that you can use them to replace more than once color. A shade lighter and a shade darker almost always work for the same drill because of the way it reflects light. You may also be able to change hue – a little more blue a little more yellow due to the prismatic effect. Worry less about an exact dmc match with these drills and think more along the lines of I am looking for a dark red or light pink.

This a fantastic way to get a range of Crystal drill colors for a significant savings. During the month we will offer the sample set in both the jar version and the full size bag option.

Jars – Each color provides a minimum of 600 crystal drills! Each sample set contains twelve jars with screw top lids and square bases for extra stability in a clear case. Colors are the same from the round to square drill sets.

Bags – A minimum of 2000 drills per color in our resealable holographic bags.

Crystal Drills Sampler Pack Colors:
Round: 666, 603, 946, 947, 741, 444; 701, 700, 820, 3846, 3860, 209
Square: 666, 603, 90, 740, 725, 444, 700, 701, 820, 3846, 315, 209

Weight .3 lbs
Jars or Bags

Jars, Bags

Drill Shape

Round, Square