50-ish Shades of Grey Set


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50-ish Shades of Grey Set – 50% Savings

In honor of Lovellthon and Dark Vibes Diamond Painting events we have created this set of all shades and types of enhancement drills to fit with the theme. If you enjoy Christopher Lovell’s artwork or any of the more monochromatic darker images this set is for you.

So not quite 50 – but it is 35 bags of different enhancement drills. We have included everything from AB’s, to Glow int he Dark and crystal drills. We even add some blocks, bricks and bars. Let your imagination run wild!

You receive FULL size bags (2000 drills minimum per bag) – one of EVERY Color listed
AB’s: 169, 310, 318, 413, 414, 415, 451, 452, 453, 535, 645, 646, 647, 648, 762, 844, 3024, 3072, 3799, 3860, 3861
Silver, Hematite, and Grey Metallic
934 Crystal Glow, Grey Glow, Grey AB Glow
310 Crystal and Black Glitz (Square only)
Bars (50 per bag) – White AB and Shadows
Blocks (50 per bag) – Black, Black AB an Hematite
Bricks (25 per bag) – Black AB

Retail Value $128.25 Sale now through May 1st

There is a HUGE savings with this sample set! On top of it there is free shipping to the US and no additional shipping charges to Canada despite the added weight! My UK, Australian, New Zealand and Mexico friends – please email me about shipping

Weight 3 lbs

Round, Square