Flame Crystal Drills Set of 4 – Rd/Sq Set #2


Set of all four Flame color shifting drills.
Now packaged 3 gross per screw top jar (approx 432) plus a few for good measure for each color.


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Flame drills are made of superior quality glass with an an amazing internal color shift. Nothing sparkles like cut crystal (think plastic suncatcher vs gramma’s cut crystal chandelier) They both sparkle but you see what I mean. The flame series of cut glass crystal drills are of a superior to quality to anything else we offer. We hope you are as impressed with the quality as we are.

In addition, these drills are cut to match the diameter of a round drill (2.8mm) or can be used to replace a square drill (2.5mm) yes you can place a round peg in a square hole! ***SQUARES*** will be Round drills sized for Square diamond Paintings. This drills are a cut glass and can ONLY be made in the round shape. Please see the FAQ page for a picture example

The shifting colors, on these drills, are amazing.
Candlelight Flame is candle lit dinners, lanterns and the Hall at Hogwarts – gold, champagne and a flash of fire
On Golden Pond Flame is golden hour on the water as the sun hits the water – blue, aqua, gold and the flame of sunset
Enchanted Flame  captures the ombre of a flower petal and wing of a butterfly – rose, pinks and yellows
Hydrangea Flame is all the transitioning shades of purple found from gems to petals – amethyst to tanzanite – lilac, blues, pinks and purples


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Round, RD sized for Square