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The Best of Both!!! AB Glow in the Dark drills

The BEST of two types of specialty drills – we have combined the sparkle of the AB coating with Glow in the dark luminescence.

Glow in the Dark drills are packaged in bags containing a minimum of 2000 of drills

These drills are the same size as the drills provided with most diamond painting kits.

How Do you make them GLOW

These drills will require a bright light source to “Charge”. The brighter the light source, the better the charge. This Glow in the Dark effect can best be seen with lighter colors. Dark colors such as red and green/black, although they do glow, it is much less brightly than a lighter color.

DMC Colors for Glow in the Dark Drills

Glow in the Dark Drills are sold by color and not by DMC number . Customizing with a glow in the dark drills is not about an exact DMC match – think more along the lines of I am looking for a red or light pink.

More color Options for Glow in the Dark Round Drills

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Colors may vary from photo.

Weight .2 lbs

Round, Square