Blocks AB


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AB Blocks for 2×2 coverage
Blocks will add texture to your diamond painting. By covering a 2×2 space they will make a bold statement area anywhere a small square of color appears.

Part of our new Bars, Blocks and Bricks series of specialty shaped drills for diamond painting. These will work in both round and square diamond paintings. Bars will cover a line 4 spaces long. Blocks cover a 2 x 2 square. Bricks cover a 3×2 rectangle.


1. Lt Pink AB, 2. Pink AB, 3. Red AB, 4. Yellow AB, 5. Goldenrod AB, 6. Orange AB, 7. Green AB, 8. Cyan AB, 9. Sapphire AB, 10. Lavender AB, 11. Purple AB, 12. Violet AB, 13. White AB, 14. Crystal AB, 15. Black AB, 16. Hematite, 17. Coffee AB, Full Set of 17 AB Blocks