Complete AB Boxed Set Series 300+ Colors


Four Part Series – Complete AB Boxed Set Series 300+ Colors
Price is per box (4 boxes per series)

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Complete AB Boxed Set Series 300+ Colors – Four Part Series

After many requests and special orders, we are making available the complete line up of our AB drills. Broken up into four boxed sets, you can now purchase the complete AB Boxed set series 300+ colors at your leisure and at significant savings.

This is the complete line-up covering all the AB’s we offer (300+), in either round or square, broken into four boxed sets.  The first set is the standard “I Want it All” containing 75 colors. Sets 2-4 will fill in the missing colors in numerical order containing 75 colors per set. With the 4th purchase you will receive the set of 75 colors plus all of the remaining AB colors (10+). This set does not include glow in the dark or crystal AB drills.

Each boxed set has a value of $300 and includes 75 full size bags of AB’s containing a minimum of 2000 drills each. The boxed sets offer a 25% savings. Each is packed in a lovely presentation box with gold foil accents and magnetic closure. Perfect for storing your drills in an organized and beautiful way.

Order on your schedule when you are ready to receive the next set. Please keep track of which set you are on. You can always check your order history in “My Account” information. The link is in the footer under “Quick Links > My Account

Please note, if you ordered an “I Want it All” set prior to 4/1 please CONTACT US with the inventory sheet provided so that we can make adjustments to ensure you receive all the colors.

If you are purchasing from over seas:
We will ship the “Complete AB Boxed Set Series” without the box in a padded flat rate envelope to significantly reduce your shipping costs. If you would like the box, please CONTACT US before ordering.

Weight 5.001 lbs

Round, Square

Boxed Set

Box Set #1, Box Set #2, Box Set #3, Box Set #4