Drills and Chills 4-PACK Specialty Drills


Limited Time Offer

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Special Offer Price $10

Join us for the Drills and Chills Diamond Painting Event hosted by “Diamonds & Washi” and “Emeralds & Fairy Lights” . If you haven’t signed up yet, check out their YouTube channels for details.

As a sponsor for the event, we are releasing this Limited Time Offer! Only available during the Drills and Chills event. This is a fantastic opportunity to try all 4 types of specialty drills in one convenient package.

Back in Black 4-Pack special includes the 4 different Specialty Drills in shades of Black
310 – Black AB – Bag of 2000+ drills
Hematite – Metallic Silvered Black – Bag of 2000+ drills
934 – Crystal Glow in the Dark – Bag of 2000+ drills
Shadows – Leaded cut crystal drill – Jar of 3 gross + drills (approx. 432 stones – square will be a round drill sized for square diamond paintings)

Available in your choice of round or square. Square will include a subtle black AB.

*Not eligible for additional discounts*

Weight 0.2 lbs

Round, Square