Flame Crystal Drills Set of 4 – Rd/Sq Set #4


Glass crystal drills true to size.
Packaged 3 gross (432 stones) plus a few for good measure.


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This listing is for the set of four flame drill colors listed below (Gem Tones).

Flame drills are made of superior quality glass with an an amazing internal color shift. In addition, these drills are cut to match the diameter of a round drill (2.8mm) or can be used to replace a square drill (2.5mm) yes you can place a round peg in a square hole!

***SQUARES*** will be Round drills sized for Square diamond Paintings. This drills are a cut glass and can ONLY be made in the round shape. Please see the FAQ page for a picture example

The shifting colors, on these drills, are amazing. Flame Set 4 includes:
Amber Flame shifts from Golden Yellow to Root Beer Red
Ametrine Flame shifts from Yellow to Purple
Shadow Flame is a gray crystal drill with a shifting overtone of Lilac and Blue
Tanzanite Flame is shifts from Pink Violet to Indigo Purple


Flame set 4

Weight 0.025 lbs

Round, RD sized for Square