AB Drills Boxed Set of 42 Colors


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AB Drills Boxed Set of 42 Colors?


Do you want a wide range of colorful AB’s at your fingertips??? This set contains 42 colors of AB drills.
There are 5 Pinks, 5 Reds, 5 Yellows/Oranges, 5 Greens, 5 Blues, 5 Purples, 5 Grays, 5 Browns and the classic Black (310) and White (5200) in this set. Colors are the same in the Square and Round Boxed Sets

You receive FULL size bags (2000 drills minimum per bag) – one of EVERY Color listed

This AB Drills Boxed Set comes in a beautiful magnetic presentation box.

There is a HUGE savings with these sampler packs! On top of it there is free shipping to the US and no additional shipping charges to Canada despite the added weight! My UK, Australian, New Zealand and Mexico friends – please email me about shipping


If you are looking for an even larger selections of colors in a boxed set, check out the “I Want it All” option containing 75 colors.

Weight 3 lbs

Round, Square