Gold Metal Tips for Diamond Painting


5 Gold Metal Tips

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The latest must have in diamond painting – metal tips!!!


This set of 5 metal tips are used to replace the plastic ones that come with your diamond painting pens. Two silicone bands help to hold the tip in place. If you are like me and chew through the plastic tips on your pens (especially those multi-placers!) Then this is for you. I have tried several different manufacturers of the metal tips before deciding on this company. I find that the shape of the opening on metal tips can make a huge difference. These tips have what can almost be considered a well to hold the wax/tack that doesn’t slip out. I also found that I really liked the thickness of the metal. The tip has a thin enough edge that you can place it right next to the previously laid drills without any impediment. Yet they aren’t too thin that they get misshapen with use.

This set of 5 includes:
Single Placer
Angles Single Placer
4 Placer
7 Placer
Straightener (Nice, Long and Sturdy)