Round Crystal – Fuchsia AB 3mm


Packaged in jars containing a minimum of 4 gross

Crystal – Fuchsia AB has a transparent pink/purple matrix with the AB coating and silver backing.

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Crystal drills are packaged in square bottomed jars containing a minimum of 4 gross of stones (576).

I am so pleased with the quality of these resin “crystals”. I find these to be of far superior quality to those provided with crystal diamond paintings. Round Crystals have a different faceting structure than a drill. The larger facets will reflect light from a larger surface creating larger flashes of light. These crystals are slightly larger than a normal round drill. After 3 drills, you may find that the alignment is off. If the alignment/spacing of drills is more important than the overall effect you get from these beautiful crystals, these may not be for you. Please see the FAQ page for a picture of 2,3,4 and 5 placed in a row.

What is the difference between a “Drill” and a “Crystal”
In order to reflect the light, each shape has multiple planes or facets facing in different directions. As the light hits these facets, they appear to sparkle as the light bounce back at you. The round and square drills are the same as what you find in your diamond painting kits. Square drills will have a combination of 9 or 13 facets to reflect the light and round drills contain 13 facets in a quilted checkerboard formation. Crystal drills (including “Metallics”) are faceted like a rhinestone or diamond.  There is an arrangement of 14 facets with a flat top. This tends to make crystal drills more reflective. Crystal drills can be made of a solid material or silver backed creating a transparent drill providing a beautiful depth and additional reflectivity and sparkle.


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