Crystal Resin Round AB

These round resin ab drills are just slightly larger than the typical drill. They are just so pretty we can’t resist offering them. Using 3-4 in a round will not throw your spacing off by much but please look at the FAQ for photos examples.

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  • Black VelvetBlack Velvet
  • Dragon ScaleDragon Scale
  • GalaxyGalaxy
  • SmokeSmoke
  • AmethystCrystal Amethyst AB
  • Crystal ABCrystal AB
  • Fuchsia ABFuchsia AB
  • Hyacinth ABHyacinth AB
  • Icicle ABIcicle AB
  • LT Peach ABLT Peach AB
  • Peridot ABPeridot AB
  • LT Rose ABLT Rose AB
  • Rose ABRose AB
  • Sapphire ABSapphire AB
  • Siam ABSiam AB
  • LT Topaz ABLT Topaz AB